Welcome to Mohsen’s Home Page

As of May 2022, I am a Senior Technical Architect at HCL Cloud-Native Lab. My primary focus is helping people use AI/ML technologies and paradigms to build higher-value offerings.

At Konica Minolta, I oversaw a portfolio of privately and publicly funded projects, with a strong focus on cloud computing, machine learning and future networking (including SDN and 5G).

I hold a PhD in AI and have been involved in designing and implementing hybrid cloud infrastructure (on-prem, AWS, GCP and Azure) for AIOps and MLOps pipelines for computer vision and intelligent manufacturing applications.

Previously, I led the implementation of smart manufacturing projects. Projects focused on orchestrating the workload for distributed manufacturing.

As principal investigator, I designed and implemented a hybrid cloud network service orchestrator for 5G networks. The orchestrator was built to enable lifecycle management of services across different types of clouds and on-premises settings.

Additionally, I am a fellow of Higher Education at the UK Higher Education Academy with experience teaching computing courses in UK universities with a list of scientific publications in machine learning and cloud computing.